Happy New Year

September 4, 2023

One day, a friend of mine asked my son what he wanted. As his mother I was happy that one thing from his to-buy list will be ticked off so I listened to hear his response.

Next thing I heard was “I want to play”! I was shocked, humbled and dumbfounded then I embarked on a very random survey to know what children want and my only survey question was “What do you want?” This is the question that I asked every child that participated in the survey and I got so many answers which looked like

  1. I want to play
  2. I want ice cream
  3. Huh?!!
  4. I want to run up and down the stairs
  5. I want to hear a story
  6. I want to dance
  7. I want to see my Mum
  8. I want to do a split
  9. I want to watch Cartoons
  10. I want to a bicycle

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