About Us

Parental Pal is a parental support enterprise

Our Vision

Expanding the possibilities in parenting journeys

Our Mission

Create nurturing environments and experiences for children as a way of supporting parents in raising future ready children

Our Goal

Raising academically sound and self aware children

Nurturing academically sound, future ready kids

At Parental Pal, we believe that Children are the solutions to the world’s problems and we help in grooming them to enter into this purpose. We do this through a variety of packages that offer value to parents in a way that relieves them of concerns around study sessions and party planning. We host our study time sessions online and make physical sessions where the need arises.

Academic Tutoring

Designed with a steadfast commitment to fostering confidence and competence in children, our comprehensive tutoring sessions seamlessly guide students from abstract comprehension to practical application, culminating in real-world problem-solving mastery through immersive practising. Elevate your child's educational journey today.

Party Planning

We specialise in crafting memorable and budget-conscious party experiences that prioritise children's joy and parents' peace of mind. Our dedicated planners ensure both the safety and happiness of every child, creating harmonious and cherished moments for all.

The Confident Child Network

This is a monthly empowerment series crafted to cultivate essential life skills in grade-schoolers and preteens. Through interactive lessons on accountability, perseverance, goal setting, and consistency, paired with fun stories and engaging worksheets, your child's confidence and capabilities will flourish. Join us to embark on this enriching adventure that leaves a lasting impact. sign up to join our waiting list.


Idara is a teacher, mother and administrator. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Business Administration (marketing major). Her journey through teaching and administration for schools and special events drew her to the need to provide support for parents as a child tutor and kiddies party event planner. She has bagged a number of certifications to back up her experience among which is Child Psychology (advanced certificate) so her team delivers with understanding of the child’s psychological needs.

Our Team

At ParentalPal, our team of dedicated educators is the cornerstone of our success. Comprising experienced professionals with a passion for fostering academic excellence, our staff embodies a commitment to nurturing the potential within each student. With diverse backgrounds and a shared dedication to personalised instruction, our tutors engage with students on a profound level, adapting their approach to match individual learning styles and needs. Our cohesive and empathetic team creates a supportive environment where students can thrive, ensuring that every interaction is characterised by expertise, enthusiasm, and a genuine investment in the educational journey of our students.